Knee Surgery

So as of today it has been a month since the incident of unlocking the back door in my van and hearing an audible pop which was met with me crying in pain on the floor. A visit to the ER, 4 doctor appointments, and a MRI later I have been told that I did infact dislocate my right knee. I found out yesterday there is tissue floating around in my knee and the possibility of a ligament being partially torn from my femur as he is having trouble telling from the MRI. The plan is to scope and remove the floating tissue and see if he needs to do more once he is in there. So I will not know how long I will be unable to work after the surgery.
I’ve currently been unable to work for the last month, so it has given me some time to work on my chain maille pieces. Which I will hopefully be able to place on my website for sale soon, so I am at least making some sort of income. The other issue is since I am part time at my job I don’t know if they will let me keep my position, as I know at minimum I will probably be out for another two months, but hopefully I can figure out more when I stop in to work tomorrow for the meeting.
Currently a lot of unknowns right now so I have been stressing out quite a bit over this. I’m just so happy to have the adopted family that I do helping me through this and a wonderful bf that has been putting up with my mood swings among other things.

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